The Bruce Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

The Bruce Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

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Spanning over 890km, The Bruce Trail is one of Canada's most unique and impressive walking trails.  It starts in Southern Ontario and reaches to the tip of Tobermory. Our new push pin map helps you keep track as you complete the trail.  These maps are either printed grey and black on white fabric or our traditional look background with brown text and lines.  The map includes markings for each section of the trail with the name of the group overseeing it. 

The maps have been mounted over layers of cushion before being framed, so they can be used as a push pin map.  The map is then secured in the frame so that it does not move when you are pushing pins in to mark your travels. 

These maps are available in 14x11” and 10x8” sizes in either our monochrome (grey, black and white) or traditional map style with more brown colouring.  Add some of our handmade footprint map marking pins to mark off which part of the trail you've completed.

Our ready to ship maps are already printed and framed so no further customization is available.  Frames will vary but you can request a colour you’d prefer.  The grey, black and white map suits a white or black frame and the antique look is ideal in our aged look brown frame.  Our maps are all lovingly designed and framed and shipped from Ontario, Canada.