About Butterpot


Butterpot Designs is located in Ontario, Canada where all of our products are designed.  Each map is custom designed and framed by us.  The fabric printing is the one step we can’t do ourselves (yet!).  Each map pin is cast from molds we have made from found objects or pieces we’ve made from clay or laser cut out of acrylic.  

Jacqueline designs all of your maps and pins, and makes them all just for you.  We get a helping hand from others when making frames, printing fabric and paper maps, and at markets.  Molly the shop dog is our cheerleader and sounding board for all our new ideas when we need to talk over it out loud and there’s no one else around!

Recently we have begun designing and printing fabric maps for embroidery.  These are available as starter kits or just the map if you already have what you need to stitch your way through your travels.

While we spend a lot of our time working on our home, we love attending markets and meeting people to explain what we do and who we are.