Georgian Bay Map - Push Pin Maps

Georgian Bay Map - Push Pin Maps

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Originally designed as a bespoke map for a sailing family, this unique map shows islands and waterways in the Honey Harbour area of Georgian Bay.  The water is marked in dark blue with land in white.  Honey Harbour, Beausoleil Island,  Port Severn and Giants Tomb Island and Penetanguishene are all marked for you. 

It measures 20x16” in a slightly larger black frame.

This would make a great host gift for those friends with a cottage or those from the areas surrounding the lake.  Each map is printed on fabric and mounted over layers of cushion to hold your map marking pins in place.  Our maps are secured into the frame for you so that it won't move when you are pushing your pins into it.  You can use our handmade anchor, fish, heart or other map marking pins found in our online shop.

Our ready to ship maps are already printed and framed so no further customization is available.  It will ship in 1-3 business days.  Looking for something different? Check out our custom map options and we can work with you to create a map just for you!