Camino Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

Camino Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

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The famed Camino Trail is a pilgrimage that takes several routes to the Santiago de Compostela in Spain. This is our fabric push pin map in 14x11” and includes a frame in either black or white. Please leave a note when checking out to let us know which you would prefer. We recommend black with any colour or white with the grey background.

Our map of the trail is available in three versions
1) Grey background with white country outlines, black lines marking the trails
2) White background with black text and lines
3) White background with colour text and lines

The maps are printed on fabric and wrapped around cushioning before being framed. Our tiny footprint pins are perfect for marking your progess on the trail or the parts you've completed. Paper prints are also available.

Our ready to ship maps are already printed and framed so no further customization is available.  Frames will vary but you can request a colour you’d prefer.  Our maps are all lovingly designed and framed and shipped from Ontario, Canada.