Rouge Urban National Park Push Pin Map

Rouge Urban National Park Push Pin Map

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Rouge Urban National Park is a unique setting in the city. Our interpretation of the park and their trails is available in a 14x11” print for your home, air b&b or office.

There are two colour options:
1) Grey and white
2) Green and white

Each map is wrapped over layers of cushion before being framed, so they can be used as a push pin map.  You select your frame colour when adding to your cart.  The map is then secured in the frame so that it does not move when you are pushing pins in to mark your travels. 

These maps are available in 14x11”.  This map does not include pins, you can add some of our handmade footprint map marking pins to mark off which part of the trail you've completed or purchase a map and pin set.

Our maps are all lovingly designed and framed and shipped from Ontario, Canada.