Crack Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

Crack Trail Push Pin Progress Maps

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The Crack Trail is located near Killarney, Ontario. The 7.1km trail is mainly used for hiking, running and dog walking. Our map of the trail is printed on fabric and framed over layers of cushion to hold your map pins in place. You can choose your frame colour at checkout.

They make a great gift and we can ship them wrapped right to the recipient upon request. The grey, black and white map features the trail marked in black, and lakes in the area in white. It has Killarney Lake and Kakakise Lake labelled with some smaller bodies of water included and not named. You can order a 10x8” or 14x11” version in a slightly larger frame.

Paper prints are also available upon request, just send us a message! We can also customize colours or add names and dates.

The maps have been mounted over layers of cushion before being framed, so they can be used as a push pin map.  The map is then secured in the frame so that it does not move when you are pushing pins in to mark your travels. 

These maps are available in 14x11” and 10x8”.  Add some of our handmade footprint map marking pins to mark off which part of the trail you've completed.

Our ready to ship maps are already printed and framed so no further customization is available.  Frames will vary but you can request a colour you’d prefer.  Our maps are all lovingly designed and framed and shipped from Ontario, Canada.