Algonquin Provincial Park Push Pin Map

Algonquin Provincial Park Push Pin Map

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Algonquin Provincial Park covers 772300.00 ha of Northern Ontario, Canada. It's famous for it's amazing range of campgrounds, including sites only accessible by foot or paddling in. Many are ambitious enough to try camping in each area of the park, hiking, fishing and canoeing. They can now keep track of which areas of the park they have visited with our push pin maps of Algonquin Park.  

This map has been printed in grey on white fabric and mounted over layers of cushion to hold your map marking pins in place. The map is then secured in the frame so that it does not move when you are pushing pins in to mark your travels. 

Looking for pins for your map? Our handmade pins are the perfect size for our world maps.  We can paint them any colour to match or contrast your map.  We recommend copper, black and bright colours with this map.

It is ready to ship and no further customization is available. Our bespoke map options are available through our online store.  Each of our maps is lovingly designed and framed in Ontario, Canada.