Adventure Awaits - Framed World Push Pin Map

Adventure Awaits - Framed World Push Pin Map

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‘Adventure Awaits’

This world map has been printed on fabric, with a beautiful grey background and white text and lines.  The states and provinces in Canada, Australia and the United States are all marked with border lines to make finding your favourite travel spots in those countries easily and the continents are all named.  The soft cushion behind the map will hold your pins in place as you mark your travels.  Our variety of handmade pins look lovely in gold and bright colours against the grey background. It’s measures 20x16” in a slightly larger frame.

Each of our maps is printed on fabric before being mounted over layers of cushion and framed.  The map is secured in the frame so that it does not move when you are pushing pins in to mark your travels. The price includes the pictured white frame.

Looking for pins for your map? Our handmade pins are the perfect size for our world maps.  We can paint them any colour to match or contrast your map. 

It is ready to ship and no further customization is available. Our custom maps are available through our online store.