Hockey Fan Push Pin Map

Hockey Fan Push Pin Map

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Keep track of all those Saturday nights you’ve spent at rinks and arenas around North America watching the best game you can name.  

Our customizable push pin maps feature outlines of the continental US and Canada (Hockey Country) on a background in your choice of colours. We can match team colours or those in your home. Each map is printed on fabric, and mounted over layers of cushion that will hold push pins before it is framed. They are available in 20x16" or 14x11" sizes, and framing is included in the price.

Please note which colours you would like used when you are ordering.  We recommend a solid background colour and white lines.  Grey and black are both popular choices as they are neutral and suit most decor. 

We've offered a few examples of our most popular quotes and titles, but you can pick one inspired by your favourite coach or player, add your names, or leave it blank.   You can also email us to work with us on a design just for you

 Our maps are designed and framed in Ontario, Canada. They take about 2-3 weeks to print and frame, plus your shipping time. Shipping rates are for parcel service and delivery times will vary based on your location, up to 6 weeks for Europe and Australia. Contact us for faster shipping options.