Golf Cart Map Pins with Flags

Golf Cart Map Pins with Flags

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Golfers can now record their score permanently (if it’s a score they want to remember) on our tall golf cart map marking pins with flags.   They pair well with our custom push pin maps that are printed on fabric with layers of cushion underneath

Each pin is handmade and painted and the flags are cut in our studio. The pins are about 1” tall with a charm on the top. The rectangular flags are .75” and .5”. The golf carts are less than .5” wide and .25” tall. There are 12 flags and pins included in each set.

You can choose your pin colour from the drop down menu and either black or white flags. The flags are cut from cardstock so they are sturdy and you can write on them. Larger orders may be eligible for discounts, please contact us for more info.

All of our pins are handmade and intended for decorative purposes, not for hanging weight from. They are all made to order and can take the full 1-2 week shipping time. They are mailed via untracked parcel service using Canada Post. If you would like tracking and insurance please contact us before ordering for options. Orders over 3 dozen to the US are upgraded to tracked shipping and shipments within Canada always include tracking.

Pair them with one of our custom push pin maps of your favourite lake. Email for more info.