Marathon Runner Map Pins / Map Tacks, Running Shoes

Marathon Runner Map Pins / Map Tacks, Running Shoes

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Marathon runners can mark their competed marathons the ones they've won with our new handmade running shoe map tacks. They feature '26.2' on the sole of a running shoe, the distance in miles of a marathon.  Each set includes 12 handmade pins in your choice of colour. 

You can personalize them based on your map colours, favourite colours or a theme for each continent. Different colours of pins can represent your rank in the race, and medal placements.

Pair them with one of our push pin maps or email us at for details about a custom map.

Every one of our push pins is hand made per your order. They are decorative and not intended to hold weight. We try to get them out in a week but during busy times can take the full 1-2 weeks to make.

Shipping outside of Canada is untracked parcel mail. If you would like tracking provided please contact me before ordering so I can create a listing for you with the correct rate. Shipping can take 1-6 weeks depending on your location.