Anchor Map Pins

Anchor Map Pins

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They’re back! We’ve reworked our anchor map pins to make them sturdier. Each set of miniature anchor map pins includes 12 map markers of one colour. Mix and match with our planes and other shapes and show which ways you've travelled across the country or the world. The anchor pins are great for your favourite beach spot, that cruise you took as a family, or the best island destinations. 

These anchor pins are quite tiny - 10mm long with a wingspan of 8mm. Including the pin each is about 15mm tall. They re intended for use with our bespoke push pin maps but will work with other maps as well (just don’t stick them straight into wood or a wall, they may need a premade hole if the surface is harder).  Different colours of pins can identify who's been where, or where you've been versus where you'd like to go.  

If you would like to request a particular shade of a colour (lime green, butter yellow etc) please include that in your order 'notes'. We can also match your airplanes to your custom map colours.  Email us for details. Every one of our push pins is hand made per your order. They are decorative and not intended to hold weight. We try to get them out in a week but during busy times can take the full 1-2 weeks to make.

Shipping outside of Canada is untracked parcel mail. If you would like tracking provided please contact me before ordering so I can create a listing for you with the correct rate. Shipping can take 1-6 weeks depending on your location.